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Training School 'Moving Goods for Charity' - Programme


Training School 'Moving Goods for Charity' - Programme

From 13 to 16 June 2022 the Training School 'Moving Goods for Charity Across the Mediterranean (15th-19th centuries)' will be held at the Centro Studi sui Monti di Pietà e sul Credito Solidaristico and at the Dipartimento Storia Culture e Civiltà in Bologna.

The Training School, organised in the frame of the Cost Action CA18140 'People in Motion: Entangled Histories of Displacement across the Mediterranean' (PIMo), will host interventions held by an interdisciplinary and international group of lecturers and joung researchers and will analyse the multiple links between economy and charity in the Mediterranean area from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century and investigate the material and immaterial goods that formed the bases for charitable or welfare institutons in Christian, Jewish and Islamic societies.

For the Training School programme please download the file below.

To read some reflections arisen from the valuable space for confrontation and discussion created by the school follow this link .