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A lecture by Francesca Trivellato


A lecture by Francesca Trivellato

Tomorrow, 11 March 2022, Francesca Trivellato (Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton) will speak (in italian) on the subject of Ebrei e capitalismo. Un paradigma e la sua storia. The lecture will be held at 3 pm and will take place in hybrid modality, online on Teams and in person at the Dipartimento di Storia Cuture e Cività of the University of Bologna. The meeting is part of the cycle of lectures Saecula: Questioni di storia religiosa dal tardo medioevo all'età contemporanea, organized by Fernanda Alfieri, Cristiana Facchini and Vincenzo Lavenia; the program is available in the download section below.

The strong Jewish involvement in the field of lending, operated within the framework of a close agreement with the city authorities, guaranteed credit on established conditions for centuries, lowering the cost of money. From the second half of the 15th century, small loans on pawn were ensured, especially in small and medium-sized towns, by the Monti di Pietà: they sometimes operated alongside private pawnbrokers, and sometimes replaced them, although their clientele was smaller than that of the Jewish bank. The Monti di Pietà took over the modus operandi of the Jewish pawnbrokers with the intention of replacing private credit guaranteed in the cities by Jewish bankers with public credit on solidarity terms.