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Mobilizing Money for the Public Good - programme


Mobilizing Money for the Public Good - programme

On Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November 2022, the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e di Ravenna (via delle Donzelle 2) will host the international conference Mobilizing Money for the Public Good, organised by Centro Studi sui Monti di Pietà e sul credito solidaristico.

The purpose of the conference will be to study the techniques of gathering and mobilizing money for public good, analysing, in different periods (from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age) and in different European geographical areas, which instruments and techniques were used and which institutions were involved.

The debate will be focused on three major questions. First of all, the role and multiplicity of government actions in the mobilization of capital for both emergency situations and more structural interventions will be discussed (with a particular focus on the cases of Avignon, Barcelona, Valencia and the Netherlands). Secondly, the crucial role of small credit will be analysed, as well as the instruments necessary for its regulation, both for religious imperatives and social needs (in particular in Tyrol, Holland and Florence). Finally, institutions founded with the aim of carrying out proto-welfare actions will be investigated (e.g. the Italian Monti di Pietà or the Almoina in Lleida).

The conference programme can be consulted in the download box at the bottom of the page.