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Three research contributions linked to the historical archive


Three research contributions linked to the historical archive

Three research contributions concerning archival documentation kept in the historical Archive of Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna have been published on Mons Pietatis website.

The first contribution studies the most ancient papers relating to the foundation of the seat of Monte di Pietà di Ravenna between the late Middle Ages and early modern age, also thanks to some drawings kept in the archives.

The second contribution instead studies an original and heterodox modality of transmission to us of medieval codex. In fact, some fragments of a medieval codex of the XII century with musical notations in Latin are presented, and some snippets and paper sheets of a mercantile register of the first years of the XIV century, that were anchored to the oldest Libro giornale produced by Monte di Pietà di Bologna in 1473 and still preserved today in the historical Archive. In the research contribution, also the history and typology of the support that allowed the preservation of those oldest medieval codes is explained in the attached documents.

The third contribution illustrates the birth of the series of Verbali of the congregation of the presidents of Monte di Pietà di Bologna (that is, of the "Consiglio di Amministrazione") in the second half of the sixteenth century and the role assumed on the occasion of that initiatory one of the chancellor-secretary.