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WEHC 2022 - A panel about microcredit models


WEHC 2022 - A panel about microcredit models

Among the sessions of the XIX World Economic History Congress 2022, running in Paris these days until 30 July 2022, a panel will be focused on the historical analysis and comparison of microcredit models from a transepocal and global perspective.

The panel, entitled Microcredit as a Resource for the Less Poor? Comparing Models in the Historical Perspective from the Middle Ages to the Present, was organised by Paola Avallone (CNR - ISMed) and Donatella Strangio (Università di Roma La Sapienza), with Maria Carmela Schisani (Università di Napoli Federico II) and Antoni Furió (Universitad de València) participating as discussants.

A large international group of scholars will present their research and historical analysis on different forms of microcredit, developed and implemented in a period from the late Middle Ages to the contemporary age, in a geographical sphere spanning Western and Eastern Europe, the Ottoman world, Latin America and Japan.

Abstracts of the papers are published at this link.
More information on the entire conference is available here.